K-12 on Internet

Irene Anne Eckstrand IAE at CU.NIH.GOV
Mon Apr 22 09:39:46 EST 1991

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 91 13:58 EDT
From: Walter Deal <wdeal at nhgs.vak12ed.EDU>
Subject: RE: K-12 on Internet

Norton Gusky has brought-up an excellent point eg that business and
industry should assist in the funding of information access.  I think
that there are two, at least two benefits that are obvious in this
case. First, equipment donations usually lead to additional purchases.
Second, those yourng users of information technologies usually find
their way, after a fews, to some of these same companies as employees. Or
as employees of other companies that may purchase technologies from the
donating companies based on recommednations of those youngsters!

Related to this issue is what differentiates the "haves and have-nots"
in an information age?  Should government provide support to the have-
nots in the information age in the same manner as other "entitlement"

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