Geir Egil Hauge geirha at IFI.UIO.NO
Tue Aug 20 21:45:16 EST 1991

                    LINK FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY

                           Version 1.0

This is a suggestion for an international demonstration for peace and 
democracy. It is initiated to support Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and the democatic 
forces in the Soviet. 

The demonstration is arranged as a link (rope/cord) of flowers, flags, 
and catchwords for peace and democracy. 

The link goes across the border of the worlds countries and into the Soviet.

People are running a kind of relay race along the link, carrying flowers and 
letters with pray for peace and democracy in the Soviet and the rest of the 
world. The flowers and peace-letters are relay-race-carried to Moscow and 
other cities in the Soviet. 

Peacegroups are initiated at the Universities, and the electronic mail-system 
is used to get fast communication between main-peacegroups in different 

There should be one main-peacegroup in each country, located at the largest 
University of the capital city. The peacegroups are named as PEACEGROUP 
OF <COUNTRY NAME>, and should have a unique e-mail address. If possible, the 
e-mail-address should contain the name: peacelink. This is to make it easy to 
guess the address. The electronic mail-address for the PEACEGROUP OF NORWAY is 
not initiated yet, but when sanctioned by the administration at the institute, 
the address would be peacelink at Our peacegroup is located at the 
University of Oslo, Norway. 

To save time, the main-peacegroups of each country do only communicate with 
the main-peacegroups in border-countries. - Such countries as the UK may 
communicate with France accross the sea. Thus: An end of the link in the UK 
may send flowers and peace-letters over the English Channel to a start of 
the link in the France, and the PEACEGROUP OF BRITAIN communicate by 
electronic mail with the PEACEGROUP OF FRANCE to get this work.

In Norway we seeks contact with the PEACEGROUP OF SWEDEN and the PEACEGROUP 
OF FINNLAND. (One link may go from Norway to Sweden and over to Denmark. 
Another link may go through Finnland to the Soviet, another link may go from 
Norway to Murmansk). 

Each main-peacegroup is responsible for distributing the work to different 
organizations in their countries. Organizations may be such as Peace-
Organizations, Christian Organizations, Sports Organizations, etc.. 

Each organization or subgroup of an organization gets the responsibility for a 
part of the link. They get people to make and join the link, and people to run 
the relay-race along the link. Each individual that take part in the work on 
the link is responsible for making say 20 or 30 metres of the link, and meet 
at a specific location and time to connect his/her link with the nearby part 
of the link. Thus the link grows across the borders of the different countries 
and into the Soviet. 

When the link has to go along or across the roads, one must remember to seek 
advice at the traffic police, to be sure not to disturb the traffic.

The catchwords should not focus directely on Lithuania and such conflicts.
This is because it may made things worse. The catchwords should say that 
military forces cannot be used against democrately elected politicians. 

Ideas about this demonstration could be sent to actual news-groups/bulletine 
boards, such as talk.politics.soviet, bit.listserv.politics, etc..

If someone find that this text is unreadable due to bad english, then pleace 
correct the errors and change the version number just after the heading.

Pleace take part in this demonstration, and spread this text to the other
news-groups/bulletine boards.

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