IBV Sequence

Elliot Lefkowitz Lefkowitz at orion.cmc.uab.edu
Mon Aug 26 12:05:55 EST 1991

I am looking for the complete nucleotide sequence  (approx. 28 Kb) 
of the Coronavirus, Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) as published 
in J. Gen. Virol. 68:57-77 (1987). As far as I can tell this sequence
has not been entered in any sequence database to which I have access
(GenBank, EMBL, PIR-nucleic). A search using the GenBank Online Service
failed to produce the sequence in any database release.

Does anyone have this sequence on a computer which they could E-mail
to me, or make available via FTP?

Thanks for your help,


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