Fluorescent Microscope for sale

Raymond C. Schafer schafer at cactus.org
Tue Aug 6 07:18:16 EST 1991

I have an Olympus BH2 fluorescent Microsope for sale.
It is set up for FITC, and is complete and in excellent shape.
The optics are on this scope are very good, and the 100w mercury vapor
bulb has less than 50 hours on it now.  

I used it for Direct FA chlamydia testing in a fully lighted room
with no problem.

I have closed my lab and have no use for the scope.  I want to get
around $4,000.00 for the entire package - complete and ready to go.
If that seems high, make me an offer, I am willing to deal.

I will pay for shipping and provide details on the scope for any
interested parties.

I can be reached via email at:
	 schafer at cactus.org

Or Phone at:
	 817-750-5471 (days)
	 817-666-0001 (nites)

Ray Schafer
Ray Schafer                 schafer at cactus.org
CACTUS                  ..!cs.utexas.edu!cactus.org!schafer 

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