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Robert Jones jones at THINK.COM
Thu Aug 29 11:09:53 EST 1991

  From: deboer at (Thon de Boer)
  Newsgroups: bionet.general
  Subject: Indexing bionet.journals.contents on articles
  Organization: VU Biology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Making the biosci newsgroups available via the wais interface was a very
  good idea and I for one already made some use of it.
  I was wondering though, if it would be a good idea to index the content
  pages of the journals, as they appear in the Usenet newsgroup
  bionet.journals.contents, on articles instead of the whole content page.
  WAIS could then be used to do some quick literature searches.
  Sincerely, Thon de Boer
A good idea indeed ... the indexing program that comes with the wais
distribution is pretty basic in the way it splits up documents. It does
contain some specialized filters for certain types of text and it should be
possible to think up one for the contents pages. I was dealing with a
similar problem just yesterday so I'll try and solve this one as well -
either by adding a routine to waisindex or by writing a prefilter. I will,
of course, pass this on to Elliot at GenBank who set up the archive.

Glad to see you're using WAIS !

Robert Jones   jones at   Thinking Machines Corporation

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