Death of the GenBank floppy format?

David Steffen steffen at
Thu Aug 1 14:43:55 EST 1991

(David Kristofferson) writes:
>If these issues concern you, you should ***MAKE SURE THAT YOU STAY
>INFORMED*** about developments at NCBI.  I also invite NCBI to utilize
>the BIOSCI newsgroups to elaborate further on their plans.  Although
>NCBI has maintained a mailing list, bits at, less than 40
>messages have been posted to that forum in the last two years.
>BIO-SOFTWARE/ is a widely read international forum and
>would be a more effective vehicle for communication.

Although I am not concerned with this particular issue (Death of the
GenBank floppy format) I DEFINITELY want to know what NCBI is
thinking.  For what it is worth, I also urge them to communicate via
the bionet newsgroups.  If they won't/in the mean time, would you mind
posting the correct way to subscribe to this mailing list?

N.B.!!! You don't need to read the following: it is filler.

Those of you who remember the "rn flame wars" I accidently started
about a year or so ago will recall that they resulted from my
frustration that Pnews requires that my message be longer than my
quote.  Here I sit, looking at my extensively edited quote, trying to
imagine what more I could cut and still have the quote readable, and
wondering how much time I should take away from biomedical research to
worry about this.  In frustration, I append this drivel to make Pnews

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