VMS database submission form program

tony at wehi.edu.au tony at wehi.edu.au
Fri Aug 2 19:03:37 EST 1991

Hi folks,

	Gee, willies... Have I set the cat among the pigeons..
I dare to raise my head. I feel I am in a bunker somewhere near the flash
point for the start of World War III!

	Remember when this discussion started a couple of weeks ago. I
offered SUBFORM, but I qualified it...

> 	If there is interest, I will try to get time to cut this
> module from our system, and make it a standalone program and make it
> available for anonymous ftp access. This might take a week or two. OR
> would the database collators prefer that I did not complicate
> matters???

	Read that last sentence a couple time folks. I waited ten days 
to two weeks for responses. I got about a dozen requests for the program,
but the only comment coming from anywhere near a database was Dave
Kristofferson who said if you remember..

>Since the data submission form is still an accepted mode of operation
>I don't see how we can be opposed to someone doing this.  It would be
>clear that this was a different program from Authorin.  

	So I went ahead. 

	I have had private email correspondence with Rainer Fuchs (EMBL) and
Paul Gilna (GenBank) in the last 24 hours. Hopefully a modified
SUBFORM might result that will be mutually beneficial to users and databases 
	I have no real objections to the tenor of Paul Gilna's response.
But I feel his arguments point to where there has to be an expansion of the
Authorin process if the reamaining 70%(ie the majority) of the sequence 
submissions are to move to the automatic entry mode. After all the product
of the current Authorin, is a floppy disk (or equivalent) - not a natural
network connection and mailing process.

	I have offered to Rainer and Paul, to make any reasonable changes 
that they request, and will even put the Transaction Protocol in if someone is
prepared to give me official specs - attempts at reverse engineering are not
going to help matters one iota. But as I told the others, my
impression from the debate over the last two weeks is that the protocol
is more closely guarded than CIA encryption algorthms.

	Anyway its getting onto midnight Friday night here in east coast 
Australia, and my weeks leave for cross country skiing is about to begin five 
minutes. I have left a BIG bit bucket in place for my mail box - back on
the 12 th August. I let you know what's happening with SUBFORM then.
				Bye, Tony Kyne
				tony at wehi.edu.au

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