Darwin, Competition and De Candolle

James P. H. Fuller jim at crom2.rn.com
Fri Aug 16 18:19:34 EST 1991

 repasky at bdc.ubc.ca (Dick Repasky) writes:

> In The Origin, Darwin wrote: "The elder De Candolle and Lyell have largely
> and philosophically shown that all organic beings are exposed to severe
> competition."
> Who was De Candolle? Does anyone know of a reference to his work? I'd
> like to read it very much.

     Hope you've got access to a *very* good library ;-)

     Auguste Pyrame de Candolle, 1778-1841, Swiss botanist.  Among his

     _Historia Plantarum Succulentarum_ (4 vols., 1799)

     _Essai sur les proprietes medicales des plantes comparees avec
        leurs formes exterieures et leur classification naturelle_ (1804)

     _Synopsis plantarum in flora Gallica descriptarum_ (1806)

     _Theorie elementaire de la botanique_ (1813)

     _Regni vegetabilis systema naturale_ (unfinished)

     _Prodromus systematis regni vegetabilis_ (unfinished)

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