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Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at wfeb2.bitnet
Thu Aug 1 18:05:00 EST 1991

On 01-AUG-1991 pgil at histone.lanl.gov (Paul Gilna) wrote:
>        I have no wish to exert control over what our users and
>        submittors do, however I now believe it is necessary to voice
>        an opinion on these latest developments designed to encourage
>        the use of the ASCII submission form in preference to Authorin.
>        Let me say first that I empathise completely with those
>        conditions which require the need to take this particular
>        route. I have no desire to enter into a discussion on the
>        difficulties of authorin usage in these environments, or the
>        required solutions. What I believe I must point out is the COST
>        to the users and to the database, of adopting this alternative
>        option.
>        My principle argument rests on the business end of Authorin,
>        the transaction output which represents the database submission
>        file.  It is in this file that the predominant impact of the
>        program lies, particularly with respect to the processing of
>        the data here at Los Alamos.
[...lots of text deleted...]
>        If you must write something for the VMS (or UNIX) world, then
>        we plead that it be transaction capable, because no matter how
>        glitzy or easy_to_use you make your product, without that
>        capability you are dooming your users to an antiquated and
>        increasingly outdated mode of data submission, and in the end,
>        it is they who will not thank you for it.
>/end (soapbox)
>Paul Gilna
>Biology Domain Leader,
>GenBank, Los Alamos.

        I don't mean to offend anyone, but wouldn't the time it took to write
this, and other postings like it from the GenBank staff, be better spent
seeking funds to generate an Authorin in C with Curses and an encoding scheme
that will ensure uncorrupted transmission of its output through network
gateways?  It was the writing of Authorin in a PC/floppy-bound manner that
"doomed" users to "an antiquated and increasingly outdated mode of data
submission," and in fact, "in the end" they should thank those creating
pressure to re-do it in a more portable manner that would enable it to be
installed on centrally accessible computers regardless of their operating

/end (soapbox)


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