New software on the Gene-Server

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Sat Aug 10 23:25:31 EST 1991

A variety of new software has been added to the Gene-Server.
Notably, unix-compatible "compress" programs are now available for the
Mac and DOS.

A VMS program for filling out the GenBank/PIR/EMBL/DDBJ submission
form is available for ftp ONLY as a compressed VMS backup save set.
Anonymous FTP to,, in

A new Unix-compatible decompress is also available in that directory
as a VMS executable (you can tell what kind of requests I've had over
the last week, can't you?). Use BINARY FTP mode.

As usual, GenBank has been updated. PIR will be updated when some bugs
are worked out of the system and some disk space becomes available.

New software:

   4158 Aug 10 21:59 aaareadme.first ] VMS program for filling
  69632 Aug 10 21:59 lzdcmp.exe      ] out GenBank submission form
 727145 Aug 10 21:59 subform.bck_z   ] USE BINARY MODE. subform is a
                                       BACKUP saveset; use lzdcmp to


    228430 Jul 15 10:25 macpattern13.hqx Latest R. Fuchs MacPattern
     76742 Aug 10 15:48 maccompress-32.hqx Unixc-compatible compress
                                          from Info-mac archives


    58682 Aug 10 00:49 sc15pf13.uue Solution calculator R. Lewis
    91897 Aug 10 15:40 nseqtool.uaa Multiple seq. align. tool
    91898 Aug 10 15:40 nseqtool.uab 
    91898 Aug 10 15:40 nseqtool.uac
    78740 Aug 10 15:40 nseqtool.uad
    28440 Aug 10 23:10 comp430d.uue Unix-compatible compress for DOS

  91917 Aug 10 15:34 nseqtool.tarz.uue  Multiple seq. align + more

I'm off for a few weeks of teaching in a cooler climate, so expect
softwar updates and response to mail to be a little slower.

The Gene-Server is just about out of disk space in both the FTP areas
and the e-mail, so unless something changes in the next month or two I
will have to start deleting files from the FTP area.  The IUBIO
archives of Don Gilbert ( should be considered
authoritative anyway; the area is a convenience and
meant as a temporary holding area until the other sites get the files.

dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77204-5934/davison at at UHOU
Disclaimer: As always, I speak only for myself, and, usually, only to

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