Question for Informations

Norbert Mueller-Gerhard n.mueller-gerhard at MSN.RMI.DE
Fri Aug 9 13:47:19 EST 1991

I seek partners for communication in following topics:
PNI (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Psycho-Immunology, Neuro-Psycho-Immunology)
chronical pain syndrom
research in psycho-therapy, first of all: psychoanalysis
group sessions
methods, algorithms or strategies for research in psychodynamic problems
statistics, first of all: SPSSX, for both mainfraimes and pcs.
assessments, ratings und self-ratings for evaluation of psychotherapy.
For help and informations many thanks.
N.Mueller-Gerhard, psychologist, assistant at Mainz university clinics
My address: N.Mueller-Gerhard, Dipl.Psych.,
            A.Mumbaecher-Str. 30 A
            D 6500 Mainz 1
E-Mail: Mueller_Ger at MZDMZA.ZDV.UNI-MAINZ.DE

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