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Michael J. Cinkosky michael at DOMAIN.LANL.GOV
Fri Aug 2 16:19:47 EST 1991

> Yes, the GenBank transaction protocol is available through
> email. Simply send a message containing only the word "gb-tp" to
> bioserve at life.lanl.gov and a copy will be returned to you.

After posting the above message (which generated impressive
activity on bioserve), some other thoughts came to mind.

The GenBank transaction protocol can be difficult to comprehend
at first (if for no other reason than the complexity of the data
being represented).  We are always ready to help anyone who wants
to write software for producing transactions and would be happy to
send out sample transactions on request.  We have, for example,
worked closely with a couple of groups that had many sequences
to submit (e.g., cDNA sequences) to show them how to prepare
transactions directly from their already on-line data.  This approach
has been very successful and we would welcome the opportunity to work
with others in similar situations.  It is often the case for many,
short, simple sequences that basic text-processing tools such as
awk can be used to produce the correct output.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you want more information
on this.

Michael Cinkosky

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