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In Message <9108012119.AA29090 at genbank.bio.net>, David Kristofferson said,
>         On the subject of where to continue this discussion, actually
> GENBANK-BB (bionet.molbio.genbank) is really the place where issues
> pertaining to the database should be discussed.  I will cc that group
> on this note and hope that the discussion (if any) will migrate to
> there.

While we have no major objections to David's attempting to move this discussion
to the GENBANK-BB (we can follow the discussion there as easily), we would
gently remind him that the submission form in question is the GenBank/EMBL/PIR
Submission Form.  It was jointly prepared by the three database staffs and is
used to submit protein sequences to the PIR, MIPS and JIPID as well as
nucleotide sequences to GenBank and EMBL.  Our Network Server accepts sequence
submissions both in that form or in the form produced by AUTHORIN.

> Dave "thousand flowers 8-)" Kristofferson

Can't proteins be one of those flowers, Dave?
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