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Tue Dec 24 12:19:00 EST 1991

>   Dear Netters,
>   This is a IMPORTANT message from the professors and the students of the
>   Maisons-Alfort (PARIS) Veterinary School.
>   Thank you very much for reading.
>One of the funny thing is that to make your propaganda you are using one of the
>argument which can defeat your argumentation: namely the network, e-mail,
>In our era of Fax, e-mail, news, plane, TGV and even Europe, you do not have to
>work with the neighbor next door... You can have good and strong research
>relationship with labs all other the world.  [...]
>I do not think that your mail is presenting an objective view of the situation,
>but I am open to any new argument youcould have on the subject.
>Francois Felix INGRAND

        I have a Research Assistant who is deaf.  He can read lips, but in
face-to-face interactions he is often misperceived as dull-witted.

        The ability to communicate electronically on our local area network,
and via it with the wide area network, is an opportunity for liberation of his

        I hope he will be reading more discussion like this in our forums, and
eventually contribute to them himself.


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