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   Dear Netters,

   This is a IMPORTANT message from the professors and the students of the 
   Maisons-Alfort (PARIS) Veterinary School. 
   Thank you very much for reading.

One of the funny thing is that to make your propaganda you are using one of the
argument which can defeat your argumentation: namely the network, e-mail,

In our era of Fax, e-mail, news, plane, TGV and even Europe, you do not have to
work with the neighbor next door... You can have good and strong research
relationship with labs all other the world. I have been in collaboration with
labs in the US, Australia and in Japan without much problems. Have you heard of
Esprit or Eureka projects? or is Maison Alfort the kind of lab that do not care
to look further than the "peripherique" (for foreigner, the peripherique is the
highway around Paris which delimits more or less the city of Paris).

   However, in certain cases, this is not justified. For example, when the 
   administration under consideration depends a lot on its scientific or 
   historical environment.

Before the end of the century, you will be able to communicate so quickly and
so efficiently (I mean technically....) that you will be enable to find out if
the other party is next room or 2000 miles from here.

   As is the case with the "Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort" in Paris. This
   school is one of the best veterinary school in the world. It is one of the 
   oldest school in Europe (created in 1765). 

So what... Thanks for the "bouseux" of "province." The "prestige" of Paris
blinds you, there are excellent schools oustside Paris too.

   exchange program with veterinary schools in various countries like Belgium, 
   Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.S.A., ...

It is very well known that all these people prefer to visit Paris than the
rest of France. ;-)

   For this reason, the students and professors of the Veterinary School of 
   Maisons-Alfort school are asking for signatures, in order to stop this 
   dangerous action ...

   Please send a letter or a fax with your signature asking that the 
   Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort must not be relocated to:

I will not send a letter nor a fax, and I will invite anybody who intend to do
so to get more information on the subject. I am not saying that Maison Alfort
should be moved, but just reading Mr Godet's argumentation, does not convince me
that it should stay in Paris.

   Thank you very much for your help (we need it !), 

You sure do if you do not have any better argumentation.

   Regis Godet
   Student in third year,
   Email: godet at

   PS: A similar situation occurred in Glasgow a few years ago and the school
   has not been relocated thanks to such an international petition ...

I do not think that Glasgow is to the UK what Paris is to France...

I do not think that your mail is presenting an objective view of the situation,
but I am open to any new argument youcould have on the subject.
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