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Mon Dec 23 19:15:42 EST 1991

I am trying to locate references to dispersal of shellfish species, as
fouling organisms on ships. Here in New Zealand, the Pacific Oyster 
Crassostrea gigas arrived from Japan, via shipping.

I am particularly interested in movements from Australasia to the 
eastern US seabord, as there must have been a movement of naval and
naval auxiliary vessels back to the US after WWII. Many of those vessels 
would have spent extended time in the south west Pacific, and I suspect 
would have been laid up without further work.

Does anyone know 
     1) if navy vessels were brought back without cleaning? 

     2) references to movements of shellfish by shipping. (I have
Carlton, J.T. 1987 Patterns of transoceanic marine biological invasions
in the Pacific Ocean. Bull. Mar. Sci. 41(2):452-465.

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