woods hole fight?

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[woods hole friday night lectures]

> Tell us more about your Chowder Dinners.

John Spouge and I had been getting together for a while to discuss molecular
machine theory (in which he would show how the current version of the theory
had holes and I would go away for a while, very unhappy at the disrupted state
of the theory, until I found out how to get around it!), and I gave a talk
about it at the weekly Lambda Lunch (in which procaryotic biologists get
together at NIH for talks), and he introduced me to Steve Garavelli.  The group
grew from there to include quite a few friends.  We go to eat and discuss
information theory, biology and databases at restaurants in Bethesda.  Steve
named the group, and I believe he is the only person spotted eating chowder,
but the name stuck.  Once our news group starts up, we hope to hold a few food
fights over the internet...  It seems to me we should also adopt the idea of
finding fault with the speaker, as this is likely to lead to progress.

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