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Fri Dec 20 09:34:00 EST 1991

From: Sam Scheiner

   I am one of the unfortunate BITNET donkeycart riders.  My
question is, where does the problem lie and what can be done
about it?  Is the problem hardware (Ahmdahl mainframe),
operating system (MVS/XA), e-mail software, or the network
connection?  If a total solution is not possible, is their
a partial solution?  Realize that all of this must take
place at a time of severe budgetary constraints and with
a computer center staff that is indifferent to this whole
problem.  (I suspect that I am one of the few high-volume
maillist users on campus.)

P.S. This message demonstrates the need for at least one
new newsgroup.  It is not what I would call an "announcement
of general interest" but it also does not quite fall under
the mandate of BIONAUTS.

MY heros - Dave and Rob, who toil mightily for the masses!

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