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Dave, you said...

>This is relevant to the motivation for plan A and might give the rest
>of you a sample glimpse of what I have been seeing a few times a day
>recently (each message has somewhat different motivations, of course).
>The person's name has been removed since I did not request permission
>to forward the message.
>                ---------------
> Please unsubscribe me from BIONEWS (bionet.general) and fromBIO-SOFT (bionet.s
>software).  These unsubscriptions are not in response to problems or unhappiness,
> but are simply the result of being flooded with more postings that I can handl
> and the finding that few of those are useful to me.  thanks for letting
> me participate for awhile.
> ...text deleted
I guess it is time for me to add my 2 "sense" to the discussion.
This is precisely why I support Plan A. Both Foote & Steffen raise
important points. But, I remember when I first started to use the
system ....oh the mistakes (even to the present). I would not want
to discourage the new fresh minds from participation nor those of
scientific stature. Both make for lively interaction. I know I
needed help from the list when I started and indeed got it. I have
encouraged our students to use Bionet early in their careers so
that as the evolution of BioSci occurs they might judge its effective-
ness and perhaps guide its continued progress. I guess, as several 
others have said, I don't mind hitting the delete key 20 times a day.    



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