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>even though such articles might be well received, it would seem that the 
>bitnet crowd only get irritated by them, because the techniques that are
>being described are beyond the capabilities of their computer centers.
>Ultimately this question of reorganisation is *NOT* about moderation or
>how many new newsgroups. It is a question of networking. The subscribe 
>messsages that irritate come from BITNET. The looping mail problems
>come from BITNET. If Fotes does not get messages from Bionet.general
>it's BITNET... if the messages arrive in any old order it's BITNET.
>If there was no BITNET we would not even be having this discussion.

I agree with Rob Harper....and in a previous post he used the same
allusion I did....the problem is with the donkey-cart technology/user
interface aspects of UseNet...and in particular BITNET.

I previously said bionet has _low_ utility, meaning that people tend not
to _use_ it.  And I think the content...or lack of vigorous
content...is a reflection of the difficulty of using this interface to
communicate with.  This is a computer jock speaking: if I have trouble
with it, what about people who don't _love_ computers?.

And I don't have a solution, even for my situation here.  Folks! I down
load tons of stuff without reading it, send it to my LasrJet, bind it
(cheaply) and read it at my leisure.  In some fora, this process is
worth it, because thtere is meat in there worth digesting....but not by
scrolling a klunky UNIX pseudo-display controller.

Some one save us!

Have a nice day!  ;^)

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