Reorganization: implication for electronic journal

Tue Dec 17 10:48:09 EST 1991

  Since all newsnet files since 1989 are now retained and are accessible,
bionet can now be considered an electronic journal. While any journal article
can be cited in a previous electronic message, there may be problems in
pursuading the editors of the paper literature to permit citations. Perhaps we
should agree on some suggested citation format which will not be too dissimilar
from current citation formats in the paper literature [e.g. Smith, J. (1989)
Bionet.gen. 3, 2, 1724 where "3" would refer to the month, "2" to the day and
"1724" would indicate where in the day's file the article would be found].
  I suspect that Editors would only accept moderated newsgroups. At least, in
the early stages, agreement to permit citations would more likely be obtained
from Editors if they were assured regarding moderation. When we think about
possible titles for subsections of Bionet newsgroups, we should take into
account how they might be abbreviated and transformed for citation [e.g.
  The point of all this is that it should be recognized that we are now in
a new ball-park. The Bionet journal has been created. Any contribution is now
becoming citable and thus is part of the world literature. This should encour-
age us both to be "responsible" in our contributions and to give of our best
ideas without feeling that we may be scooped by someone who publishes later in
the paper literature.
  Donald R. Forsdyke, Department of Biochemistry, Queen's University, Kingston.

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