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Tue Dec 17 03:57:17 EST 1991

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*********************** The car analogy ****************************
OK lets talk about a car engine. It has a filter to get the junk out of the
petrol and a catalyser to take the junk out of the exhaust.

What is being suggested that for the BioSci engine to run smoother then
Dave or someone needs to filter the input, so that the engine will run in
a way that will attract "big name" drivers from the field of science.

Personally I do not think that Thoru Pedersen would be attacted to BioSci
by reading "dull" announcements. What I have done here in Finland is to act as
a catalyser and select specific messages from BioSci to pass on to people
who have some political clout. I have heard one boss say "you biologists seem
to have things well organised compared to other sciences"... and all because
he was getting a selection of post-processed messages.

Ideally Fotes should act as a bio-filter at the receiving end and pass on
what he finds valuable to others. In my particular situation I even set up
a seperate conference on our PORTACOM conferencing system called BioBio
which receives selected articles from any BioSci newsgroup that I think would
be of interest to the Finnish Scientific community.

********************** The Bird Analogy **************************
At a recent meeting in Maastricht " Bioinformatics in the 90's " it was
remarked that more and more people are droping out of Bitnet/Earn. The costs
for EARN are shared by the members. If the membership decreases then the
financial burden on the remaining members increases. So ultimately it
will be very difficult to maintain. I feel that Bitnet is on the way out 
and Internet is on the way in.

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