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>I like the idea of a board, but I don't recall how that would 
>work.  Would there be postings that would be eliminated once they were
>read (or sent to an archival site)?  What would be helpful to today's 
>readership may be missed by those coming online sometime in the future.

I think the bionauts newsgroups covers this area of help. It was set up
to collect information about the E-mail addresses of biologists, and people
are now using it to seek out contacts on the network. 

When I invented the word "bionaut" (TM) I had the idea that it would be a 
forum where biologists aquaint with networking could share the tricks of
the trade with others, or if people had any questions on servers or databases
or ftp or archie or wais or how to unblock the kitchen sink then they could
feel free to ask questions in bionauts.

I make it a principle that if I write a new edition of BioBit then Bionauts
is the first newsgroup to receive it... and in the future I will consider
"scoops" like archie or wais or jpeg to be more suitable for bionauts, since
even though such articles might be well received, it would seem that the 
bitnet crowd only get irritated by them, because the techniques that are
being described are beyond the capabilities of their computer centers.

Ultimately this question of reorganisation is *NOT* about moderation or
how many new newsgroups. It is a question of networking. The subscribe 
messsages that irritate come from BITNET. The looping mail problems
come from BITNET. If Fotes does not get messages from Bionet.general
it's BITNET... if the messages arrive in any old order it's BITNET.
If there was no BITNET we would not even be having this discussion.

Here is a paraphrase of a quote to ponder... 

"To those that have plenty, even more will be given to them, and to those
 that have not, the little that they have will be taken away from them." 

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