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Tue Dec 17 10:06:00 EST 1991

>What is being suggested that for the BioSci engine to run smoother then
>Dave or someone needs to filter the input, so that the engine will run in
>a way that will attract "big name" drivers from the field of science.
>We should be teaching people to fly.
>Rob Harper  <==("My hero")

        Did you know that the first rigorous study of menstrual synchrony,
published in a high quality journal, still heavily cited decades later, was
done by an undergraduate at a then all-women's Boston-area college.  She just
happened to be taking a rigorous statistics course together with a dynamic
general course in biology.

        I wonder what would have happened if she had posted an "announcement"
of her curiosity to bionet.general/BIONEWS, gotten private e-mail about it
being insulting, read public discussion about whether her question was really
serious, and about the triviality of discussion efforts in that forum,
explained as predictable because the question came from an "outsider" ;-(.

        Please don't think only about Ferraris (I have no connection to that
automobile; I'm not even sure how to spell it 8-).


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