Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Mon Dec 16 09:26:00 EST 1991

        Time is short, and it is clear from the discussion thus far that there
is only very limited support for dividing this forum into more than two groups,
plus Rob Harper's arguments in favor of Plan C were compelling (IMHO).  As the
sponsor of Plan B I would like to modify it so as to have a two-forum split,
but without a moderator for the announcement forum, i.e., that would be the
only difference between Plan A and Plan B.

        People are largely stating that they are for or against the
announcement forum being moderated, but not expaining why.  We are still
discussing, not yet voting.  Please spell out your reasons.

        My question about the moderation on COMP-BIO was asked in earnest.  If
there are reasons's beyond concern about commercial postings, I would like to
hear them, as they are likely to be relevant to the present discussion.

        If we do have a two forum split, none of the names in my original
proposal would be suitable.  The problem with BIOFORUM is that it already
contains 8 characters, and the LISTSERV subscription mechanism requires that
a '+' be added to the subscription address without exceeding 8 characters.
What would be done about that?


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