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In article <1991Dec16.094700.146 at>, brownt1 at writes:
>If i've read plan A correctly, although bionet.announce would be noise
>free, because Dave would be moderating it, bionet.general would still be
>taking the 'recreational' load.  This doesn't leave anywhere for well
>controlled 'on topic' discussions (should they ever occur :) which isn't
>noisy, if the chatting continues in bionet.general. 
>Plan B avoids this by having bionet.biochat, but like Dave says, would 
>probably get a lot of noise in bionet.general.
>So i wonder if it would be worth either 1) adding a bionet.biochat group 
>to PLAN A, to minimise noise in the unmoderated bionet.general under that plan,
>or 2) moderate bionet.general in PLAN B.  Whether a moderated 
>bionet.general under PLAN B would involve more work than a moderated 
>bionet.announce under PLAN A I don't know.
>I guess i'm suggesting three groups, a moderated bionet.announce or 
>bionet.general, a bionet.discussion for discussion of _biology_, and a 
>bionet.biochat for chat.  Plus a if you want to keep that out 
>of discussion.  This is the same as Foteos's suggestion, but with 
>The idea of a chat group may work very well, the group
>comp.sys.amiga.advocacy is used in that hierachy for endless flamewars and
>'mines better than yours' discussions (only marginally worse than "this is
>biology" "no it's not" ? ;-).  Probably the best group in the hierachy, as
>long as you don't actually read it :-).  <having said that, this group has 
>a reasonably high volume, it is not a place discussions go to die>

G'day.... I've tagged on to this message because it has a Usenet
flavour, and that's relevant to my point.

I've been following the "Future of Bionet's BioNews" with great
interest, and I tend towards "Plan A", although I have not ruled out
Plan B completely (and the fence post marks don't hurt ;-)... but I
have a little question I'd like a few responses on please.

Have the readership (who get this through USENET) heard of 
I have been lurking there for a while, and it looks like a friendly,
flame-free newsgroup where all sorts of interesting biological
subjects get tossed around with all sorts of interesting discussion. 
It's a "moderate volume" newsgroup, and in the month or so I've been
lurking, I haven't seen one fight.  Do our discussions have to be in
BIONET sponsored newsgroups - especially the ones like the hormonal
cycle one - not that I mind that they are, it's just that there's a
perfectly good newsgroup for them already - why form another!

Also... many of the "officially off-topic message" really belong in
bionet.methds-reagnts (or whatever it's name is... the METHODS
newsgroup)... maybe if you answer a query in this vein you could point
the querier(?) to a reply there... it keeps things a little neater. 
I'd hate to see the "chat" group take away from the "methods" group,
which is doing really well, and IMHO a real quality place to pick up

Nice discussion, Dave, Fote et al...

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