Sub-dividing [dissecting?] bionet.general

Ernest Retzel 1535 49118 ernest at
Sun Dec 15 00:12:56 EST 1991

I think subdividing the newsgroups much more is counter productive.  They are
generally *underused* as they are [some completely unused]; splitting
bionet.general per Dave's suggestion is sort of understandable, though personal
opinion is that it is a little over kill for the "problem."  To continue Don
Gilbert's analogy about the Sun groups, the current Sun group probably gets
30-50 messages per day, and it is just coming up for discussion about
subdividing it into interest groups.  To which, I am guessing, most everyone
that reads it will subscribe anyway, but at least you can target the group to
mood for the moment [it works that way with my kill key now, anyway...].

Ernie Retzel
ernest at

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