COMING CHANGES: BIONEWS/bionet.announce and BIO-CHAT/bionet.general

Don & bashford at
Thu Dec 12 14:02:58 EST 1991

>>>>> On 9 Dec 91 18:24:41 GMT, kristoff at (David Kristofferson) said:

DK> will probably be changed from BIONEWS to something like BIO-CHAT.
DK> BIONEWS will be associated with a new USENET newsgroup called
DK> bionet.announce which will be a ***fully moderated forum***.  Current

I think the idea of a moderated forum plus an umoderated chat group
is fine, but "announce" is not a good name for it.  In the rest of UseNet,
"announce" groups are usually for announcements of conferences, new
software releases, upcoming newsgroup creation discussions or votes, etc.
Such groups are not forums, since their communication is one-way.
There is usually some other unmoderated group for discussion of
the announcements.  Examples: news.announce.newgroups and news.groups; and

Don Bashford
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