sophomore cycles

Wed Dec 11 12:55:42 EST 1991

tojoin the discussion of the female cycle: as far as i have heard,
there are several arguments against a linkage between the lunar
cycle and the menstruation cycle:
1. the lunar cycle is supposed to have changed quite dramatically
since the first occurence of humans (and their cycles)
(i don not know this for a fact, must admit)
2. why are the cycles of many other organisms (better:mammals not
synchronized in this way ?
3. cycle length and frequency throughout the year is probably more
strongly affected by size and number of offspring and length of
4. those animals that have a synchronized cycle, usually have an
ovulation cycle: occurence of ovulation exactly at full moon
insures that man and female are at the proper geograhical position
(for instance).
reading this again, i must admit it is a bit thin: sorry, i dont have
references (...seems that this is the kind of topic discussed,
but not researched...)

i would be interested to hear some more data, especially since the
coincidence of the lunar and female cycle keeps popping up regularly.


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