RFD: sci.engr.biomed

Brett Kottmann bkottmann at falcon.aamrl.wpafb.af.mil
Wed Dec 11 22:38:13 EST 1991

	The following is an official RFD on the proposed newsgroup
sci.engr.biomed, a newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of matters pertaining
to the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Proposed Charter:

	The purpose of the group is to facilitate discussions and the exchange
of information pertaining to the field of Biomedical Engineering.  Biomedical
Engineering being (but not limited to): design and manufacture of artificial 
limbs and organs; scientific research involving medicine/the body and 
artificial materials; mature discussions on ethical matters; computer
programs/hardware related to Biomed Engineering, data collection, and
electronic muscle stimulation; modeling/simulation of Biomed systems; and
schools/courses involved with Biomedical Engineering.

	The newsgroup shall be unmoderated.

	The discussion period shall last roughly until Christmas.  At
the end of the discussion period, assuming a consensus is reached, a
vote shall take place on whether to create the group.
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demon at desire.wright.edu
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