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On the "Subject" search string 'Re: COMING CHANGES: ...', I just posted:
>[...]We could all help out under those circumstance, e.g., I
>could post a message to BIONEWS simply saying that I have posted a message to
>BLAH concerning rigorously scientific research on menstrual synchronization
>and the possiblility of human pheromones (which I've thus far refrained from
>posted to BIONEWS because it's the "wrong place" for an extended discussion of
>that, to me, fascinating topic).

which crossed 3 more messages Re: 'Sophmoric bio question...' (sic):

From: "Irene Anne Eckstrand" <IAE at CU.NIH.GOV>
>I generally do not allow myself to be drawn into BIOSCI
>debates;  however, I do want to note the following:
>There are countless anecdotes about menstrual synchrony,
>and, I believe, one or two publications.  The basis of
>synchrony is, in all likelihood, biochemical.  [...]
>As Dave pointed out, discussions like this one tend to wander
>away from science, and I would like to bring us back to the
>point.  Is anyone aware of scientific experimentation on this

From:   "Will Fischer" <wmf at>
>Sorry, I don't have the references.

From:   "Ken Mitchell" <mitchkf at>
>[...]It is a fine question and made
>me realize that I don't know much about a topic that affects all
>human beings.

TOPICS that arise on the specialized forums, NOT just for chats and flames"
forum ASAP!!!!!

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