hello and happy holidays to all

KIMBERLY KING 900810k at ace.acadiau.ca
Tue Dec 10 17:11:28 EST 1991

	My name is Kim and I'm writing to see if there are any people who 
would like to just chat about current topics in Microbiology. I am a M.Sc. 
student at a University in Canada. My field of study is environmental 
microbiology. I am specifically studying sources of fecal contamination in 
bacterial communities near a clam flat. I am planning to do a PhD. next 
year but I'm not really sure what I'd like to study. I am interested in all 
aspects of microbiology but I think I'm leaning more towards medical 
	Anyone out there who would like to just chat about microbiology or 
anyone who is working on a similar project- E-mail me! KIM

P.S. I'd love to hear from people outside of Canada as well as people from 

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