Sophomoric bio question

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Tue Dec 10 11:22:55 EST 1991

	I find nothing offensive about the question, in fact, it is 
rather fascinating.  Many questions spring to mind: is the average 
cycle the same length as the lunar cycle, and if so, why?  It makes 
sense that the cycles are driven by pheromones, and so on, but why 28 
days?  We have theories as to why the lunar cycles are what they are 
involving the relative masses and distances of the bodies but I can't 
think how this could possibly be related to the menstrual cycles of 
women.  What about other animal species?  Many do not menstruate but 
they do ovulate, which, I imagine, is part of the cyclic process.  Is 
cycle time related to the size or life span of the species?  Many 
animals are seasonal breeders, we are not, why?  Seasonal breeding 
could be slaved to the seasonal light cycles in some way but could 
also be related to seasonal changes in nutrition.  Many questions 
but few answers (at least from me).  It is a fine question and made 
me realize that I don't know much about a topic that affects all 
human beings.
-Ken Mitchell

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