Who wants to start an Aerbio-L with me?

Greetings from Meindert de Jong VLINDERS at RCL.WAU.NL
Wed Dec 4 05:40:54 EST 1991

Dear BioNetters:

I am looking for aerobiologists to start an AEROBIO-L eventu-
Aerobiology involves studies of airborne biological particles,
such as pollen, spores, etc., and their launching, dispersal
and final deposition. The significance of these particles in
medicine (allergology) and plant pathology is of particular
As contact media, there are some scientific journals such as
Grana, Aerobiologia, and the International Aerobiology News-
letter. I believe that an own List could be a welcome supple
ment on these.
Therefore, I would like to begin a List, together with other
aerobiologists. However, I need some kind of a financial
consideration from an University or a Medical Industry. Re-
cently, I received a request for a reprint from The Finnish
Aerobiology Group, University of Turku, Finland. Is there
anyone out there knowing their E-mail address?  I should
appreciate receiving it. Actually, I appreciate any remark,
suggestion, or whatever.

Sincerely Yours,
dr Meindert D. de Jong
e-mail: Vlinders at rcl.wau.NL
phone: (+31) 8370 21937
photo: de Jong et al.'90. Risk Analysis for Biological Control.
              A Dutch case study ... Plant Disease 74: 189-194.
e-available: de Jong et al.'91. Modelling the spore escape ....
              from a larch forest ... Neth.J.Pl.Path.97: 55-61.

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