David Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Sun Dec 1 11:14:02 EST 1991

>The bionet groups so far are not formally moderated except for
>bionet.biology.computational.  Nonetheless the BIOSCI managers
>routinely monitor traffic to avoid problems with the system and to
>prevent violations of network regulations.  This is the sense in which
>I used the word (admittedly loosely) "moderated."
>                                Sincerely,
>                                Dave Kristofferson
>                                GenBank Manager

Althought I think that most of the recent discussion on moderation is
overeaction to one unfortunate incident, I wouldn't like to see such
behavior escalate. However I wouldn't like to see people banned from
future contribution to the net either.

Rather than banning particular individuals from contributing or having
to appoint a moderator for each group, might I suggest that if such
behavior continues then maybe a pseudo-moderation system could be
set up. I'd think it wouldn't be too difficult to check each message
sent to the net against a master list of "colorful" words and phrases, and
then either send those that contain a match to a human moderator to make a
case by case judgement or just return them to their sender. Such a system
wouldn't catch everything offensive but if carefully configured could
have prevented the incident that started this whole freedom of speech


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