Impending vote for sci.engr.biomed: vote taker may be needed!

Enemy of Totalitarianism demon at
Mon Dec 2 14:27:06 EST 1991

        Discussion on sci.engr.biomed has wound down, with a concensus for
taking the vote having been reached.

        Accordingly, a vote will be conducted starting Dec. 9th and continuing
for the next two weeks, ending at midnight, Dec. 15th. 

	The network access at the machine I was going to take votes for
sci.engr.biomed has not been reliable lately.  For that reason I am looking for
volunteers to accept votes instead.
	Any volunteers?  I will still take the vote at my machine if no 
volunteers can be found, but would rather not risk a plethora of bounced 
votes :).  Everything seems to be ok now, but I'd rather not risk it.

	The responsibilities are to: keep all incoming votes, scan them for
correctness (see if a clear I vote [YES|NO] for sci.engr.biomed is in the
message), and maintain a list of those who have voted for each category
	Send a message back if the vote was invalid, asking them to send a new
one in.
	Mail a mass ack during the second call for votes and after
the voting has been closed (a mass ack is a post to the net of the email
addresses of everyone who voted).

        This can be simplified if you have two addresses:

yes at machine.address
no at machine.address

to receive votes, or can use a shell script to scan messages for correct form.

        If anyone can act as vote-taker/counter, please let me know before Dec.
6th.  If no one can take the votes, I will do it at my other machine


email to:
bkottmann at
demon at wsu.bitnet
demon at

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