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>> Speaking as a biologist (and a human being), I don't see anything
>> offensive in your question at all. Perhaps we can be enlightened as to
>> why it is offensive?

I concur.  However, perhaps those who were offended or made uneasy
have experienced that peculiar form of telephone harrassment, the
"survey" that eventually becomes sexually explicit.

I know of no study supporting your outdoor life/moon cycle theory, and
anecdotal evidence is also non-supportive.   However, women living together
tend to cycle as a group: the last I've read on this is that pheromones
are proposed as a mechanism to synchronize cycles.  This is an important
cultural and social event in several aboriginal societies.  It is also
true that women who are around men tend to have more stable cycles;
again, pheromones are implicated (works even if there is no sexual behavior
between male and female).

Kay Klier   Biology Dept  UNI

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