Sophmoric bio question - from a sophmore

Peter Peter
Sun Dec 8 14:02:14 EST 1991

In a private e-mail G.A.Denomme writes what I assume is a friendly warning.  To
wit that my post 'Sophmoric bio question - from a sophmore' was a "disgrace"
and I would "probably get flamed."  He suggested that I post and apologize

The question to which he refers <1991Dec8.001157.2473 at> read:

>Trying to settle a disupute between an English major and a history major
>concerning bio:
>Is there any validity to the claim that the menstrual cycle of a woman who
>lives out of doors (in the forest or something) for an extended time will
>sychronize with the cycle of the moon -- so her period would always arrive
>a specific period of the moon?
>Peter Seibel
>(and his roomate Nick)

I'm not sure whether the question is a disgrace because I evidence a
disgraceful lack of biological knowledge (as I said I am an English major) or
because it is not the sort of topic discussed on this board (seemed like
biology - if light weight - to me.)  At any rate, to anyone who is shocked by
my biological illiteracy or who feels their time was wasted or who was offended
for some other reason I offer my most humble apologies.  (I also just realized
that my spelling was pretty much disgraceful in my post, sorry.)  Thanks also
to Andrew Hill for his reply <1991Dec8.012426.16360 at>:

>   Nope, nothing truthful about that.  Of course, if she was living
>outside with a man, her cycles would tend to syncronize around his
>hormonal cycles, and if two women were living together, they would
>syncronize with each other, and eventually stop cycling (in theory 

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