Just for fun!!

Greg Derda derda at athena.cs.uga.edu
Fri Dec 6 15:42:13 EST 1991

In article <1991Dec6.180715.22246 at javelin.sim.es.com> krogers at javelin.sim.es.com writes:

>eanv20 at castle.ed.ac.uk (John Woods) writes:
>>From an editor:
>>``Your paper contains certain obstacles to publication..''
>>-- Your paper contains numerous insurmountable flaws
>>In papers:
>>``It is immediately obvious that ...''
>>-- aren't I clever?
>>``Possible therapeutic application ...''
>>-- Please, please don't cut the funding now
>>-- boring
>``Typical data are ...''
>-- Data which best fit our theory are

``Maybe you should analyze the data with ......''
--Boy, these statistics are way over my head

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