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Fri Feb 15 14:52:14 EST 1991

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> Just some 2 cents on the subject of newsreaders for VMS. I missed the
> original post.  We have ANU-NEWs (an old version) running on Iubio.
> We get an NNTP feed{from a local Unix newsbox, and need to store only
> bionet groups as read.  The disk space used by this is about 5 megabytes
> including ANU-NEWs software.  I don't keep up with the current capabilities
> of ANU-NEWS, but it likely can be configured to serve out news to other
> vaxes (and personal computers?) via NNTP protocols.

ANU-NEWS V6.0-2 is now available. It can be run as a newsreader only, which 
makes it a very usefull to sites with small disks.  There are also other news 
programs available, but we are very pleased with ANU-NEWS.  Note that old 
(i.e. pre-V6.0) versions do not support the 'diskless' NNTP newsreader function

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