Chris Dean ced at cxa.dl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 4 05:15:21 EST 1991

The mail loop which got going over the weekend has been broken. However, there
may still be some queued messages around which we will be unable to delete
before they are delivered.

A mail list at the UK node was sending to an address which for some reason
was refusing mail over the weekend. This should not (and usually does not)
cause the chaos seen over the weekend with a continuously looping message,
but something somewhere did the wrong thing when it came to returning the
failed message. I have not yet investigated the route taken by the looping
message, the first priority has been to remove the offending address from all
of the mail lists.

Many apologies for filled discs and wasted time reading the same message.

Chris Dean (for Biosci at uk.ac.Daresbury)

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