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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Thu Feb 14 17:29:59 EST 1991

(unmentionable stuff deleted but the gist of it concerned getting a
news feed from another campus computer)

>  ...  DOESNOT want our VAX to be a direct news feed as he doesn't want
> to duplicate the storage.  What do you suggest?  Could you list our options
> directly to the Net as I think the problem is one of understanding both
> the problem with e-mail as a news feed and understanding the various
> options as solutions.  

If your VAX is to be a client of the Engineering computer's VAX then
you will need news software that supports NNTP clients and servers.  I
am not sure that ANU-NEWS does this, but I am checking with others here
who are more familiar with it than I.  The limitation here will be the
speed of the connection between your two machines.  I would assume
that you have an Ethernet link because anything slower might be

Another option is to have a newsfeed of just the bionet groups to your
local VAX.  You can limit the number of USENET groups that you
receive.  The bionet groups would not require very much extra storage
on your machine and might give you slightly better response.  The news
software can also be configured to delete messages older than X number
of days although you can also exempt individual groups like
bionet.journals.contents if you want to save the TOC postings.

> Personally "The-News" and 
> the other Mac based net news readers are not worth a damn compared to
> e-mail.

I was also annoyed by the delays even over the Ethernet involved in
transferring messages from the server to the Mac.  News software is
not that hard to use and a good case can be made for running it
directly on the server if you know how to edit messages on that
machine.  The main advantage to the Mac programs is the availability
of Mac-like editing.


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