Biochemistry major in need of help!

BAKER bbaker at
Wed Feb 20 02:02:24 EST 1991

I'm a senior at New Mexico State University, and in April I am
required to present a seminar, on any topic i am remotely intersted
in. As I'm interested in neuro/psychopharmacology, I thought I could
talk about something like DNA synthesis, RNA translation, or protein
function in models of learning and memory. Unfortunately, I'm having
trouble finding any articles referencing this, although several
professors have claimed this shouldn't be a problem...

Can anybody out there tell me an article where i could start? Also,
any sources of information on this topic would be GREATLY appreciated
(although I could, I don't want to change my topic). Any advice?

One more thing...this account i am posting from does NOT recieve
email, so if anybody mails any responses, please send them to 
almartin at     

Thanks all....
             Brian Baker

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