Call for votes on proposed COMP-BIO newsgroup

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Mon Feb 25 15:57:49 EST 1991

I have received the following proposal and am putting it out to a vote
according to the BIOSCI guidelines.  If you are in favor of creating
the group described below, please send a message saying


to one of the following addresses, whichever is most accessible.

Address					Location	Network
-------					--------	-------
biovote at			Ireland		EARN/BITNET
biovote at			U.K.		JANET
biovote at			Sweden		Internet
biovote at			U.S.A. 		Internet/BITNET

Voting will continue through 26 April 1991 or until 40 positive
responses are received.  If 40 votes can not be garnered during this
time period, the group will not be created.

This group is proposed to be a moderated forum (i.e., postings will
pass first through the moderators before going public), and we have
two volunteers who will serve in this capacity, Phillip Curtiss from
the University of Maryland and Matthew Witten from the University of

I note that there is some overlap between this proposal and the
BIO-MATRIX newsgroup, but the BIO-MATRIX group is devoted both to the
affairs of that Society and to the integration of biological knowledge
bases while this group seeks to address computational issues that
appear to go beyond the bounds of BIO-MATRIX (although some of the
proponents of the MATRIX would probably include everything in their
domain 8-).


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at



The group is devoted to those people interested in applications of
mathematical and computational tools and techniques towards the
solution of problems arising in the life sciences, medicine, allied
health sciences, etc.  COMP-BIO will stress the use and role of
computer science (both hardware and software) in the biological
sciences as well as advocate the development of mathematical and
computational models for the biological sciences.  Areas of
discussion, not exclusive, are:

-What are the leading edge problems?
-What is the state of educational aspects in this area?
-What is the job market in this area?
-Queries for references/assistance on problems
-Online discussion of topics related to the application of mathematics
 and computer science to biological/medical/allied health science areas.
-Online review of books/articles/software/hardware related to this topic
-Philosophical issues
-Anything else.

This group discourages flame wars of any kind and does encourage inter and
cross disciplinary discussion of methodologies, philosophy, and techniques. 

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