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Codon usage databases:
>I'd be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of such a thing.

Embl server NETHELP at EMBL.bitnet (I think)
    * CodonUsage *
    A collection of codon frequency tables, produced by J.M. Cherry, was kindly
    provided by Don Gilbert, Indiana, and is stored in the directory CODONUSAGE.    Codon usage information is available for Drosophila, human, mouse, sea
    urchin, S. pombe and S. saccharomyces. All files are in the format
    required by the GCG sequence analysis package.

and                          Biocomputing server                             Biozentrum, Universitaet Basel

(/biology/EMBnet)                       EMBL ( updated daily)

(/biology/databases)                    many databases,e.g.
                                        alu sequences list
                                        SwissEnzyme, Prosite
                                        GCG (3) format codon tables
Reinhard Doelz,                         Journal tables of contents
doelz at                     LiMB,TFD,ECD,EPD,REBASE,DROS

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