DNA and Protein Sequencing Workshop

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Wed Feb 13 12:53:53 EST 1991

> Correction, all together 9 msg. on "DNA and protein sequencing workshop";
> DO loop of PCR is back.

After seeing all of the messages yesterday, I alerted the poster to
the problem that this produced for e-mail subscribers.  As a general
rule crossing posting on BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups is not a good idea,
although posting *important* items to 2 or 3 newsgroups can be
tolerated.  The poster in Australia was a USENET user and did not
realize that there are associated e-mail lists with the newsgroups
which would result in some recipients receiving multiple copies from
different newsgroups.

On the bright side, I have found it interesting to note that the
Australians who obviously have a geographical barrier to surmount seem
to be far ahead of most of the rest of us in using USENET, although my
understanding is that they are under a much tighter funding situation
than the U.S.  It seems to be extremely widespread there to the point
that there is almost no need for e-mail subscriptions.  If everyone
was using USENET there would have been no cluttered mailboxes nor any
of the other recent problems.

We are continuing to work on a new organizational structure for BIOSCI
and I hope to be able to report to you on this soon.

Dave "broken record" Kristofferson

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