** Best test tube rack/holder design **

Gavin C Zau gavinb at athena.mit.edu
Fri Feb 15 11:47:00 EST 1991

Keywords: best test tube holder, test tube rack.

Hello, I am trying to design "the best" test tube holder/rack and
am trying to determin how to make it.  I would really appreciate
responses on what people think is the optimal.  

Here are some questions:
1) What kind of test tube (shape and size material) ??  And number of 
   different test tube sizes do you use regularly?
2) Why do you need a holder?  
3) What do you need a holder to do?  Please rank functions
   eg heat resistant, clear label, ...
4) How satisfied are you with existing holders?  and which one is the best?

I would appreciate any other thoughts on the subject.  Thanks in advance.

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