Moving subscriptions

Thu Feb 7 09:42:00 EST 1991

To those who know:

   I do not know if this will in any way effect (positively or
negatively) the present mess, but here is my query.  I am in
the USA but all of my subscriptions are through IRLEARN because
that was how I learned of the lists.  Would it be better if I
UNSUBed from IRLEARN and SUBed to GENBANK since that is the
USA node?  Also, given the apparant problems with the automatic
system at IRLEARN would moving to a different list help
reduce the problem?  I await instructions.

Samuel M. Scheiner
Department of Biological Sciences
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
Phone:  (815) 753-7847
Fax:    (815) 753-0461
Bitnet: t80sms1 at niu

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