confirm problems...

Fri Feb 1 17:38:00 EST 1991

	Another thought on the Confirm Event, which is that since all the mail
sent is by people who are still struggling with the listserv concept (and
many, including your truely, found out by word of mouth and experiment,
doubtless to the irritation of others), which is that.....

	if all the mail messages were also bounced to the sender (my memory is
prompting with having to send a /ACK command with the Subscibe in the first
place) then perhaps they would get the message that something was wrong and
that they had not confirmed (subscribed, unsubscibed etc), rather than being
the only person on the net who didn't know!

	Its just a thought Rob,

	Sincerely,    Jasper Rees

Jrees at Vax.Oxford.Ac.UK
Seqtest at

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