And in the End...

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Tue Feb 5 22:14:10 EST 1991

Steve Clark asks for a mention of who is involved in running BIOSCI.
These are the people at each of the four nodes.  It does require a
fair amount of effort, but, to avoid hype, except for occasions like
the last week, the total amount of time that I need to keep BIOSCI
running, i.e., handle the "mechanics" at our site is typically under
two hours per day and often less than an hour.  This falls within the
scope of my contractual duties at GenBank.  Nonetheless we can
undoubtedly streamline the system further.

	Niall O'Reilly, Ireland
	Vivian Harrington, Ireland
	Rob Harper, Finland (this split is a long story 8-)

U.K. SERC Daresbury
	Steve Marshall
	Royd Whittington
	Chris Dean

Univ. Uppsala BMC
	Mats Sundvall

	Eliot Lear
	Dave Kristofferson

This is probably the last posting of this type that I am going to make
about the current "crisis" 8-).  We need to get our work done behind
the scenes now.


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